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Φιλοτελικές Εταιρείες

Χαρτόσημα & Βινιέτες
FIP Commission
Associazione Italiana di Filatelia Fiscale
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fiskalphilatelie e.V.
Australian Revenue & Railway Parcel Stamps
Australian Revenue Perfins
Books on Cinderella & Revenue Stamps
Charles Kiddle's Poster Stamps
Cinderella Scout Labels
Cinderella Stamp Club
Cinderella Stamps Forum
Collection passion : les timbres fiscaux
Croatian Exile Stamps
Dave Elsmore's Queensland Poster Stamps & Cinderellas
German Private Posts
History of Rowing stamps
Indian States Revenues
New Zealand Revenues
Polish local Stamps
Poster stamp collectors club
Revenue and Railway Stamps of Australia (includes Tasmania)
Revenue Society of Gt. Britain
Romanian Revenues
Tasmanian Perfins
The American Revenue Association
The American Society of Check Collectors
The State Revenue Society