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WELCOME to   StampOnTheWeb!

 StampOnTheWeb is a no-frills service website, kept as simplest as possible also in its user interface, to highlight its philatelic contents

 StampOnTheWeb provides a path through the jungle of  information scattered in thousands of philatelic sites, as it makes their content evident and easy accessible thanks to a logical classification that satisfies the collector’s ordered mind set

 StampOnTheWeb takes away the tedious and time demanding effort needed for disentangling the output of a “traditional” engine search

 StampOnTheWeb  is a tool enabling to:

·         Approach philately in all its facets

·         Start or further develop a collection

·         Increase  own philatelic knowledge

·         Take part into the organized philatelic life.

 StampOnTheWeb is neither a search engine nor an aggregator of links, but a straightforward tool allowing a direct link to the areas of specific interests of the visitor.

The information continues to be created and maintained by all active philatelic sources (websites selected by the  StampOnTheWeb team)

All links have been tested as of January 2016. They will be periodically checked and updated so that only live sites are listed

Philatelists are invited to suggest new links and to report incorrect or dead ones, so that the tool is constantly improved thanks to its users.

For suggestions and contacts, please send a mail to:


 StampOnTheWeb is a realization of the AICPM (Italian Association of Military Post Collectors),
the largest Italian association of postal history.

·         42 years of activities (founded in 1974)

·         730 members as of today

·         136 issues of LA POSTA MILITARE, AICPM  quarterly magazine (64 color pages), all flippable on our website

·         13 books published in last years, all given free to interested members

·         3 Large gold medals, 1 Gold, 3 Large Vermeil and 1 Vermeil awarded to AICPM publications at IPHLA 2012

·         138 exhibits of AICPM members flippable on our website

·         300.000 visits to the AICPM website in the last ten years

Ing. Piero Macrelli  AICPM President; FSFI President